"Narelle is a great speaker who brilliantly balances real life humour with powerful points of personal growth" - Brian Mayne

Is your organisation:

  • Keen to reduce absenteeism?
  • Focused on promoting and supporting the wellbeing of your employees?
  • Eager to improve employee engagement across your organisation?
  • Determined to provide a better working environment?

If so, my keynote will:

  • Have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of your staff.
  • Support your employees in achieving the work-life balance.
  • Improve your employees’ enthusiasm and commitment, which in turn will lead to increased staff retention and a reduction in stress-related illnesses and absenteeism.
  • Show your staff members how they can overcome stress and how to look after themselves emotionally.


Organisations WILL get a more productive workforce, increased profits and increase the wellbeing of your employees.


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Be Kind To Your Mind
Goal Mapping

Be Kind To Your Mind

Narelle’s keynote speech is about wellbeing and resilience. Do you want to feel more relaxed and happier? She will reduce your stress levels by showing you techniques which will improve your wellbeing and build up resilience. Narelle feels passionately that everyone wants, and deserves, a better of quality of life.


Organisations are losing days due to stress related problems in the work place. Last year 17 million work days were lost to stress-related problems costing 2.4 billion pounds.



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Goal Mapping

Do you want help setting and achieving your goals? Turning your dreams into reality? Do you need help staying focused and keeping on track?

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How can goal mapping help you?

Narelle shares the unique and extremely powerful system of Goal Mapping. Goal Mapping combines words and pictures to engage the whole of the brain. Goal Mapping will make sure that your goals are clear and realistic.


Goal maps can be used in your business and your personal life. Goals can be set any time of the year. Start right now, living the life you want, and deserve.