Narelle Summers

Narelle is a qualified practitioner in both Havening Techniques® and Goal Mapping, as well as a Neuro Linguist Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner. Narelle has over ten years’ experience working in the NHS, working within education and communications training.


Do you have anything holding you back, stopping you achieving what you want in your life? If so, Narelle will help you unlock your true potential and lead you on your first step of your new journey.


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My Story

“I was overweight, caused by emotional over eating and not happy. I’ve used the techniques myself. Working through my emotional baggage using NLP and Havening to clear out my negatives feelings attached to upsetting memories. I no longer have the need to overeat. Visualising what I would look like, how that would make me feel. Visualising eating small amounts yet feeling full and satisfied and only eating when I was hungry. Changing the images in your head is so powerful and produces positive results.”